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Shim Controller Single Channel

MTECH Labs shim controllers are ultra-stable current sources that can be used in a variety of NMR/MRI applications where stable fields are required. The model B1-1S is a basic single-channel current controller stable to 10 ppm (2 ppm typical). It has a compliance voltage of up to 12 volts and a maximum output current of 1 amp (higher currents are available). The controller can be wired as a current source or sink.

MTECH Laboratories Shim Controller (B1-1S) - Shown in U-Rack Module


The shim controllers can be configured for any number of channels. Each channel features a manual current adjustment, on-off switch, and polarity switch. Current can be adjusted by a 10-turn front panel potentiometer or by an analog signal (0-10 volts) for remote computer control. The controllers require a DC power supply, which can be provided as an option.

MTECH Laboratories Shim Controller (B1-1S)


Model:                                   Shim Controller B1-1S

Compliance voltage range:    0 to 12 volts

Current range:                      0 to 1 amp

Current Stability:                  <10 ppm (2 ppm typical)

Input Power:                         0 to 12 volts

Remote Computer Control:   Analog, 0-10 volt full scale



• Front panel polarity switch

• Front panel shim on/off switch

• Current source or sink capability

• Rack mountable


Current adjustment:

• 10 turn front panel

• potentiometer or

• computer control


Dimensions:   W:  2”, H:  5.25”, D:  9.5”