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CryoCircuits Products and Solutions:

CryoCircuits components, including resistors, capacitors, diodes, control and power devices, and more, are specially selected and qualified for cryogenic operation at 77K (LN2). Many parts are listed in our online catalog, and a number of others are available.

MRI Hardware

MRI Hardware
B1 Series Magnet (B1-A) 14 Channel Shim Controller (B1-14S) 1 Channel Shim Controller (B1-1S) MTECH 123-MHz Preamplifier (LNPA123M Series)

CryoCircuits distributes a number of MRI-related products, including cryogenic and room-temperature preamplifiers, power supplies and current controllers, and magnets. Standard and custom configurations are available.

MTECH Studios Animation and Multimedia

High-quality virtual prototypes and technical animations displaying scientific concepts can enhance marketing and customer education.

CryoCircuits has a strong working relationship with MTECH Studios, which offers high-end animation, movies, and presentations. MTECH Studios educates a wide range of audiences through technically accurate multimedia.

Power Hardware

Power Hardware
Power Resistor Block Current Controller (B1-1C)

CryoCircuits distributes high-power test equipment and accessories for both room-temperature and cryogenic power applications. Products include test loads for power levels up to 150kW, specialty mounting  racks, and current controllers.