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Custom Services

Testing Services (400K to 77K)

CryoCircuits offers a number of standard and specialized electrical test services from 77K (liquid nitrogen temperature) to 400K, including characterization of capacitance, resistance, inductance, switching times, breakdown voltage, leakage current, operating losses, etc. CryoCircuits can accommodate parts and circuits of various types, ratings, and physical sizes.  Thermal cycling tests are also available. Please contact us for more information.

Low Temperature Testing Services (to 4.2K)

CryoCircuits also offers specialized testing to 4.2K (liquid helium temperature). CryoCircuits works closely with its partner, MTECH Laboratories, in developing test programs.  MTECH is experienced in advanced superconducting applications, many of which operate at 4.2K or below. Please contact us for more information.

MTECH Specialized Testing Helium Dewar
MTECH Labs Specialized Testing Automated Cool Cycle Test Dewar

MTECH Laboratories is a pioneer in the field of Cryogenic Power Electronics and has been developing cryogenic inverters, converters, test circuits and hardware, control and monitoring circuitry, and other devices for more than a decade. CryoCircuits can help arrange custom electromechanical and systems design services through MTECH.

MTECH design from 3D CAD model, to virtual prototype 3D render, to final engineerd product.

3D Design

Final Product

Virtual Prototype