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Shim Controller B1-14S

The shim power supply is a very versatile, ultra-stable multi-channel power supply, compatible with MTECH’s B1-A Magnet System. The supply consists of 14 series-regulated supplies; each having a precision current shunt stable to less than 10 ppm (2 ppm typical). Each channel has selectable voltage rails which can be internally wired for minimum power supply dissipation.


Model:  Shim Controller B1-14S

No of channels:  14

Regulating voltage range:  0 to 12 volts

Current range:  0 to 1 amp


Features of each channel:

Front panel polarity switch

Front panel shim on/off switch

Current source or sink capability


Current adjustment:

10-turn front panel potentiometer

or computer control


Remote Computer Control:  Analog, 0-10 volt full scale

MTECH Laboratories Shim Controller B1-14S - Front
MTECH Laboratories Shim Controller B1-14S - Side