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CryoCircuits LNPA Series Low-Noise MRI RF PreAmp - Scale Comparison Photo

The LNPA series are ultra-low-noise, low input impedance RF preamplifiers covering a range of MRI frequencies. They are an ideal choice for multiple RF coil arrays providing decoupling between channels. Multiple RF coil arrays are becoming a necessity for high-end MRI scanners, providing speed and performance advantages. The exceptionally low noise figures of the LNPA series provide ultra sensitivity for spectroscopy applications and low-loss cryogenic RF probes. The LNPA123M-001 is a 123 MHz preamplifier targeted for 3T proton imaging. Typical specifications are given below.

Frequency:  123 MHz

Noise Figure:  0.3 dB

Input Impedance:  < 2 Ω

Gain:  20 dB min.

Dimensions: 2.45” x 3.2” x 2.2”

Connectors: SMA

Power: 50 mA at 5 V(DC)

LNPA Series Low-Noise

MRI RF Preamplifier

Specifications:  (Preliminary, LNPA123M-003)

CryoCircuits LNPA Series Low-Noise MRI RF PreAmp - Connections