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CryoCircuits offers qualified electronic components intended for cryogenic operation at 77K (liquid nitrogen). We also offer specialty room-temperature  hardware and test equipment and low-temperature accessories.


CryoCircuits products represent years of expertise and know-how, fortified by a strong partnership with MTECH Laboratories, a pioneer in the field of Cryogenic Power Electronics and a leader in advanced applications of superconductivity, MRI, and energy conversion.

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M-F 8:30am - 5:00pm (EST)

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Cryogenic Components Catalog

CryoCircuits offers a wide variety of  resistors and capacitors qualified for operation at 77K (liquid nitrogen). Other components include control and logic circuitry, diodes, inductors, etc. Parts can also be qualified for operation to 4.2K under separate contract.

Additional Products

CryoCircuits distributes a number of products developed in collaboration with MTECH Laboratories, including preamplifiers, current controllers, and magnets, as well as test hardware and equipment for use in cryogenic power applications. Some of these products have application to superconducting devices and MRI-related research and development.

Why Cryo?

CryoCircuits offers custom test services for electronics and device characterization at temperatures between 400K and 4.2K. CryoCircuits also offers custom cryogenic design services through its partner, MTECH Laboratories. Custom designed circuits include inverters, converters, control circuits, amplifiers, and signal processors.